Amateur Meteor Images Global Observation System.

Project progress:

  1. Modification of LrptOffLineDecoder for compatibility with AMIGOS   —   done
  2. Modification of SDR# QPSK Plugin for compatibility with AMIGOS      —   done
  3. LrptCompilator                                                                                              —   done
  4. Selecting the VPN provider                                                                         —    the idea rejected
  5. AmigosOnlineViewer                                                                                    —   done
  6. AMIGOS WEB Applications                                                                          —   underway

New AMIGOS site here

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  1. Luc Fontaine

    I’d like to participage in this global program as I’m receiving Meteor-M2 images since January 2015 and with good coverage for East Coast USA, Canada and Artic Ocean (southern Greenland)

  2. Jonis Maurin Ceará

    I have one sugestion. Are you using some kind of database for image index, right? My sugestion is to use WebServices (REST) and create an API to upload and download image data (including image itself) instead of FTP from AMIGOS Viewer. This way all the thing will be ‘generic’ for communication and other develpers could create new programs to improve AMIGOS. Also, I’m available and I would like to help with this project. I’m a PHP developer and I can help, if you need. If you use some kind of API or pattern for communication, I’ll build an APP to view data for Win/Mac/Android/iOS.

    1. ROBONUKA Автор записи

      At the moment the database is a set of files containing VCDU data packets are compiled with 10 seconds. Filename encoding time and an index in the database. At this stage, «FTP» is able to cope with the distribution files to the viewers. Now I’ll think over how to reveal the system to third-party developers. Because I can not handle a huge volume of work to improve the system. So I am very glad to your offers on cooperation.

      1. Jonis Maurin Ceará

        Yeah, files on disk and filename/indes on database, that’s exactly how it should be (in my opinion, at least). With this, all is possible. How are you hosting these images? Hot ‘powerfull’ is your server? Do you have PHP available on this server? I’m asking this, because with this info (and hopefully this configuration) I can start developing some prototypes in my own server. After some successfull, I would send to you (or put in a repository, like github) so you can get source and test in production/your enviorement).

        1. ROBONUKA Автор записи

          Packages are stored in files contain images MSU-MR scans compressed by the algorithm JPG and packaged according to the recommendations LRPT. Every scan is accompanied by a time stamp. Currently Viewer downloads the files themselves, decompresses and renders the scans on the bitmap. The position of the scan is determined based on the timestamp of the scan.
          I rent the cheapest server in (10 dollars a month, I have a 2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and a Direct IP). The server is Windows Server 2008. I am using IIS for FTP and static part of the web site. The dynamic part of the website is implemented applications written in Delphi in RAD STUDIO XE2.
          I’m not an expert in web programming, and even vaguely imagine what has php. Now I think the viewer to discover the source code so that others can build applications a higher level than the viewer. The truth is, I use Delphi which is not very popular with professionals. So perhaps it would be better to bring unpacking LRPT packages on the server side to the level bitmap scans. And accompany these scans geo-referenced.

          1. Jonis Maurin Ceará

            hehehehe….You’re not alone! I’m a Delphi programmer too. In fact, I’ve made a little program (proof of concept) that upload image using REST (pure HTTP) using Delphi XE8. Can you contact me by e-mail? I think it’s better than ‘comments’ in your site…hehehe. I would like to know some informations about getering data from images or what fields do you have in database, location of users, etc…Also, it’s better to explain my ideia by e-mail.

  3. per


    How should «filename» in the ini-file be set to create a filename with the date included?
    Have also had my years with Delphi.. 🙂 These days mostly bash/perl/python.


  4. Les Hamilton

    Following a request from Vasili, I have added a feature to SmoothMeteor that allows AMIGOS users to load in their greyscale images, combine them as RGB, and thrn rectify them.

    You can download the new version (1.55) from this URL.


  5. Jonis

    Hi Oleg! I’m trying to get geogrid from METEOR, but i’m getting problem. I’m using M2_LRPT_Decoder.exe version 2015.7.1.0033, but when i try to generate images, I got this error: «GRORID: TLS absent». In ini file, i tryied two ways:
    TLE1=1 35865U 09049A 15347.07690304 -.00000028 00000-0 64988-5 0 9999
    TLE2=2 35865 98.4795 20.8122 0001770 342.5656 70.2446 14.22054369323638

    _TLE0=METEOR-M 1
    _TLE1=1 35865U 09049A 15347.07690304 -.00000028 00000-0 64988-5 0 9999
    _TLE2=2 35865 98.4795 20.8122 0001770 342.5656 70.2446 14.22054369323638

    None of these worked, same error.

    1. ROBONUKA Автор записи

      Check text in the file — norad_m1.txt
      0 METEOR-M
      1 35865U 09049A 15348.13498369 -.00000031 00000-0 49297-5 0 9994
      2 35865 98.4794 21.8296 0001722 338.5076 87.9579 14.22054388323787
      0 METEOR-M
      1 35865U 09049A 15347.72123478 -.00000031 00000-0 50524-5 0 9999
      2 35865 98.4794 21.4317 0001741 340.2820 129.2427 14.22054365323726
      0 METEOR-M
      1 35865U 09049A 15347.07690304 -.00000028 00000-0 64988-5 0 9999
      2 35865 98.4795 20.8122 0001770 342.5656 70.2446 14.22054369323638
      0 METEOR-M
      1 35865U 09049A 15346.93925897 -.00000027 +00000-0 +67245-5 0 9999
      2 35865 098.4795 020.6798 0001777 343.1194 085.4367 14.22054355323462
      0 METEOR-M
      1 35865U 09049A 15346.73686523 -.00000026 00000-0 70913-5 0 9992
      2 35865 98.4796 20.4852 0001788 343.9271 129.0843 14.22054358323588
      Stanislav -73

          1. Jonis

            ? What? I don’t understand. Where can i get these another lines? Also, it didn’t worked 🙁 Permission on file are ok, full for all users…..but sabe problem: TLE Absent. I’m trying online decoding.

    1. Blackbolt

      Well for the first time I have received M1 with signal issues (here in the states) which created black bars in the pictures. I’ve never had this issue since I started a few weeks ago. Perhaps this is the same problem? It would appear M1 is malfunctioning and creating a digital sound every few seconds, much like how M2 has a similar sound every several minutes which looks/sounds/creates the same affect. Half way through the reception though it stopped and was back to good.

      1. Blackbolt

        I figured out the problem. When using OFFLINE mode the timer is incrementing/transferring every 10 second vcdu file each second, but the file transfer of vcdu takes longer than 1 second. So the program gets for example: 2016_01_11_13_44_00.vcdu, skips 2016_01_11_13_44_10.vcdu, and goes to 2016_01_11_13_44_20.vcdu, so black bars are produced because of missing vcdu’s.

        So the retrieval process is searching for VCDU every 1 seconds, but the file transfer and processing takes longer than 1 second so it skips every other file or even 2. I haven’t tried it in ONLINE mode, I imagine it works perfectly since the files have time to be created and downloaded in real time.

  6. gurrsoft

    Hi all, does anyone know why I am getting no signal at all lately from meteor m2? I have plenty of other signals, so it’s not the antenna or stick, but I can’t see even the smallest bump in the spectrum at 137.1 (or 137.9) MHz. Using orbitron and double-checked with various websites. I also noted that the amigos ‘online tablo’ is rather deserted as well… I guess it’s not just me without a signal? I live in the UK btw. Anyone else having or not having signal, please respond.


    1. Blackbolt

      Meteor-M N2 LRPT is currently off and no one knows when or if it will be turned back on. Sorry. My heart is broken as well 🙁

      1. ROBONUKA

        HRPT creates a small pickup in the infrared channels, so meteorologists were asked to turn off LRPT on M2. They say that for hams M1 enough.

        1. Blackbolt

          I am very happy about M1 reception online and also very grateful for your AMIGOS site and your work. Thank You. My reception is not so great since I moved. I am also thankful for the participants here in the United States so we can get reception here as well.

          I have created C# program to process the 64,65,66 photos output from Amigos to create a color RGB image. It is still in progress but is working and creates a color image! 🙂

          Thank You to everyone to make all of this possible.

  7. Blackbolt

    Hi Robonuka,

    I would like to add my signal into the AMIGOS project. My coverage is Southern U.S., Gulf of Mexico, Mexico.

    There is no/little signal on Amigos covering this area so I think it would be good to participate. How do I participate?

    1. Blackbolt

      I have set up everything correctly and even have an auto generated ID, but when LRPTOfflinedecoder opens, it closes right away.

      If I remove all the lines under [OUT] in the .ini then it stays open but is not transmitting to the server when I receive meteor.

      1. Blackbolt

        Nevermind I got it. Sorry I was used to using the file write method. I forgot to enable TCP in the plugin… IT works! Hopefully on the next pass it sends to the server too 🙂

  8. Blackbolt

    I have been having an issue where LRPTOfflineDecoder does not start every time. If I am not awake or home, it will miss the pass. Luckily I am IQ recording so I can go back and capture but is missing the send data to Amigos server. My computer is VERY fast, I am using gaming computer with SSD drives. It is possible that LRPTOfflineDecoder is starting so fast that the TCP socket isn’t generated or it could be the next issue:
    Also there are times when I cannot connect to Amigos server, either on web or via Amigos viewer, but my internet is fine (every other site working, even this). If I switch to my mobile wifi hotspot, I can connect fine from a different IP.

    I have to wait around 10 minutes and then I can connect again. Reboot machine does NOT fix, I have to just wait and then everything works again as if Amigos server is DENY access for several minutes!!!

    Any clues? I need to put some sort of «wait» command into run.bat and see if that fixes. After I manually try it again during a pass, it doesn’t happen but I have missed many Amigos server connects during a pass because of this!!!

    1. Blackbolt

      OK I put a «TIMEOUT /T 5» line before the START line…

      It waited 5 seconds and then started. If it happens again it isn’t that it’s starting too fast, it’s that I can’t make a connection somewhere….

      Also… I did not reboot or anything, and right after I posted the other message (about 5 min or so) I can magically connect to Amigos server web, and Amigos Viewer work again too.

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