2015 April Gallery


Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-1-9-23-Quadrifilar_Samara

01.04.2015, 06.23 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

The picture was received by new budget experimental quadrifilar helix antenna.


This is a test.


02.04.2015, 09.26 UTC ::  Les Hamilton

A splendid image showing snow over the Scottish Mountains.

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-3-10-23    Test_5

03.04.2015, 07.23 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

It was processed  by new version of  the LRPToffLineDecoder (GeoTIFF format).


06.04.2015, 06.33 UTC ::  Enrico  IW2AGJ

This morning I received a beautiful image from the Meteor-M N2, its highest elevation was 2 ° compared to my coordinates.


10.04.2015, 06.45 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

M2_LRPT_2015-4-11-11.s_123       Map_2015_04_11_4

11.04.2015, 08.11 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW


April 12 – International Day of Human Space Flight


13.04.2015, 07.25 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW




May 9th is the date 70 years of Victory  Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

Hero Cities : Brest Fortress, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Odessa, Sevastopol, Moscow, Kiev, Novorossiysk, Kerch, Minsk, Tula, Murmansk, Smolensk.



Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-14 10-5    Подвиг_народа_2015_04_14

14.04.2015, 07.05 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

I found that the white stripes could be useful.
You can write an information about the picture there.  Click to enlarge and see.


Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-15-9-46     Подвиг_народа_2015_04_15

15.04.2015, 06.46 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

meteorm-n215april2015orb3986z10_12_raw_122-rectified  meteorm-n215april2015orb3985z08_31_raw_122-rectified  meteorm-n215april2015orb3984z06_53_raw_122-rectified

15.04.2015, 10.12 UTC  / 08.31 UTC  / 06.53 UTC /  ::  Enrico  IW2AGJ

 This morning I received three wonderful images from Meteor-M N2…

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-16-11-6     Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-16-11-6.rectified  Подвиг_народа_2015_04_16

16.04.2015, 08.06 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

Second image  was rectified by  software SmoothMeteor

Meteor_16_04_2015_V       Meteor_17_04_2015_V2  Meteor_17_04_2015_V

16.04.2015, 11.49 UTC     /   17.04.2015, 13.16 UTC / 17.04.2015, 11.29 UTC   :: Happysat

57 Degrees West pass 11:49  /  17 Degrees West 13:16  /  79 Degrees West 11:29

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-17-10-46       Подвиг_народа_2015_04_17

17.04.2015, 07.46 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW


19.04.2015, 05.26/ 07.06/ 08.47 UTC  ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

The combination of three images.

This is not a seamless image. The last image covers the previous.

Meteor_19_04_2015_V2  Meteor_19_04_2015_V

19.04.2015, 12.30 UTC 30 West  / 10.50 UTC  53 East  :: Happysat

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-20-9-47     Подвиг_народа_2015_04_20

20.04.2015, 06.47 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW


20.04.2015, 21.58 UTC 85 West Night IR image   :: Happysat

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-21-9-27  M2_LRPT_2015-4-21-11-7  Подвиг_народа_2015_04_21

21.04.2015, 06.27 UTC/ 08.07 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA :: observed from MOSCOW

NOAA-19 cut off the bottom of  picture at the end of the session.

M2_LRPT_2015-4-22-10-47_edit  Подвиг_народа_2015_04_22

22.04.2015, 07.47 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA

Beautiful sunny day in Moscow.  +9  Celsius.

The Image was processed by LRPToffLineDecoder (black version)

M2_LRPT_2015-4-22-20-37.s_122_R      Подвиг_народа_2015_04_22_night_122

Night flight 122 (RGB)

M2_LRPT_2015-4-22-20-37.s_555_R      Подвиг_народа_2015_04_22_night_555_inv

Night flight (IR)

22.04.2015, 17.37 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-24-10-7-edit Подвиг_народа_2015_04_24_berghaus


24.04.2015, 07.07 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

8543918   8543919

24.04.2015, 00.21 UTC / 25.04.2015, 00.00 UTC :: Sergey (UB0FAN) (Okha, Sakhalin island, Russia)

2015_04_25_LRPT_09-16-09 2015_04_26_LRPT_08-56-06

25.04.2015 /  26.04.2015 :: Roland (PY4ZBZ)  (Sete Lagoas, Brazil)

  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-27-10-48-29-989_raw.dat2015-4-27-11-5-5-9.s_122  M2_LRPT_2015-4-27-9-8     Подвиг_народа_2015_04_27_berghaus_Z

27.04.2015, 7.48 / 06.08 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

The third picture is a combination of two images.

А зори здесь тихие…  Скоро.


27.04.2015, 09.29  UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

M2_LRPT_2015-4-28-10-29 Подвиг_народа_2015_04_28    M2_LRPT_2015-4-28-10-29_Simferopol_1

28.04.2015, 07.29 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

M2_LRPT_2015-4-28-10-29.s_125.false-colour M2_LRPT_2015-4-28-10-29.s_125.infra-red M2_LRPT_2015-4-28-10-29.s_125.remapped M2_LRPT_2015-4-28-10-29.s_125.RGB124 M2_LRPT_2015-4-28-10-29.s_125.vegetation

28.04.2015, 07.29 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

Processed by  LRPT Processor 

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-29-10-9-5-871_raw.dat2015-4-29-10-39-33-361.s_122 Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-29-10-9-5-871_raw.dat2015-4-29-10-39-33-361.s_125     Подвиг_народа_2015_04_29_Crimea

29.04.2015, 07.09 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

You can use second image 125(RGB)  for  testing LRPT Processor 

M2_LRPT_2015-4-30-9-49.s_122 Подвиг_народа_2015_04_30 Подвиг_народа_2015_04_30_Simf

30.04.2015, 06.49 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2015-4-30-11-29

30.04.2015, 08.29 UTC   ::  ROBONUKA (Moscow, Russia)



2015 April Gallery: 20 комментариев

  1. ROBONUKA Автор записи

    Congratulations to all of Cosmonautics Day!
    April 12 — International Day of Human Space Flight (Día Internacional de los Vuelos Espaciales Tripulados, Journée internationale du vol spatial habité, Международный день космонавтики) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011.
    «Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin was the first cosmonaut in the world. On April 12, 1961 he flew into space and spent 108 minutes there. It was the first time in history that the Russian spaceship «Vostok» with the man on board was in space.»

  2. Enrico IW2AGJ

    Goodmorning everyone,
    This morning I received three wonderful images from Meteor-M N2, are available at this link,
    too bad I did not understand how to merge them into a single image as they are exposed to this Site Robonuka, I hope that in future there is a simple documentation on how to do for people like me who are not very familiar with the various settings of the paths to configure the software.

    Enrico IW2AGJ

    1. ROBONUKA Автор записи

      Hi Enrico,
      Yes, now the image processing allows to make a mosaic image is complex and also require additional software. I hope that in the future will be able to simplify the process. Perhaps someone who will understand first prepare a more detailed instructions !?

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