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Attention, due to a misunderstanding!

Here and below in the captions to the pictures shown who, where and how to received this image and not what the country can be seen in the image.


Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-1-9-18-37-999


Moscow, ROSCOSMOS, 1 September 2014  9:18 (UTC+3h) 137.9  72K


Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-1-12-39-18-265  Meteor M-N2 Orb 776 Z09.45 2014-09-01

Left by ROSCOSMOS (Moscow)  and Right by Enrico Gobbetti  (Italy) , 1 September 2014  12:39 (UTC+3h) 137.1  72K

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-2-12-19-24-405 Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-2-10-38-54-421 Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-2-8-58-49-77

Moscow, 2 September 2014  137.1  72K


Author : Alex, Netherlands 2 September 2014  137.1  72K


Author : 2 September 2014  137.1  72K

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-3-11-59-35-733  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-3-10-19-5-499 Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-3-8-39-5-390

Moscow, 3 September 2014  137.1  72K

Meteor M-N2 20140903 Orb 804 Z09.06

Italy, Enrico Gobbetti, 3 September 2014  137.1  72K   A and B analize


Author : Alex, Netherlands 3 September 2014  137.1  72K

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-4-11-39-46-621  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-4-9-59-16-637  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-4-8-19-26-403

Moscow, 4 September 2014  137.1  72K

MeteorM-N2 20140904 Orb 819 Z08.45

The nice longest of all. Italy, Enrico Gobbetti, 4 September 2014  137.1  72K

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-5-11-19-47-809  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-5-9-39-27-481  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-5-7-59-57-621

Moscow, 5 September 2014  137.1  72K


Meteor M-N2 07-September 2014 Orb 860 Dis Z 07.47

Italy, Enrico Gobbetti, 7 September 2014  137.1  72K


Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-8-12-0-42-512  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-8-10-20-12-418  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-8-8-40-12-231

Moscow, 8 September 2014  137.1  72K


(HA + preamp + Funcube dongle), Romania, Vlad, 07:04 UTC 9 September 2014  137.1  72K

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-10-9-40-40-46  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-10-8-0-59-828

Moscow, 10 September 2014  137.1  72K


11.09.2014 23:38 UTC :: QTH QO13LO (Okha, Sakhalin island)  by Sergey (UB0FAN)

Meteor M-N2 11 September 2014 Orb 918 D Z 09.48  Meteor M-N2 11 September 2014 Orb 917 Z08.06

Italy,  IW2AGJEnrico Gobbetti , 11 September 2014  137.1  72K




TORINO Italy, IW1DTU12 September 2014  137.1  72K (maybe no pre amp)


Maastricht Netherlands, Alex, 12 September 2014  137.1  72K (QFH no pre amp)

Meteor M-N2 13 September 2014 Orb 946 Dis Z 09.07

Italy,  IW2AGJEnrico Gobbetti , 13 September 2014  137.1  72K


Meteor M N2 14sept14 caspian


TORINO Italy, IW1DTU14 September 2014  137.1  72K


Meteor M N2 15sept14 kuwait


TORINO Italy, IW1DTU15 September 2014  137.1  72K

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-15-9-41-42-452


Moscow, 15 September 2014  137.1  72K (this week APID 64,65,69)

Meteor M-N2 16 September 2014 Orb 989 Dis Z 0949.jpeg  Meteor M-N2 16 Sept 2014 Orb 988 Dis Z 0807.jpeg

Italy,  IW2AGJEnrico Gobbetti , 16 September 2014  137.1  72K

Evening everybody,
21.12 utc, around 12 minutes pass without white lines every 6.5 minutes. New step in commissioning?
Let see tomorrow morning

Havana, Cuba, 02:10 UTC 17 September 2014 by Raydel Abreu Espinet (CM2ESP), FIR (APID 69)
New Jersey, Jeff  (K2SDR), 17 September 2014

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-18-10-22-36-722_122

Moscow, 18 September 2014  137.1  72K

September 19, 2014 Vlad writes:

Hello guys..
Just wanted to ask you if you know why the satellite M2 is not transmitting images anymore.
Today during a 28 degree pass (from Romania) I was not able to decode images using Oleg’s software.
Even though I had a very nice constellation on 72K mode , the RF spectrum of M2 didnt look right at all…
Please see the attached pictures:



The fact that the device BIS-MW  for unknown reasons ceased to form LRPT. Instead, the BIS-MW sent only empty packets (fill CADUs)  to the radio air.  At 8:55 UTC device BIS-MW was handled. Infrared channels will not work until Monday.

Meteor M-N2 19 Sept 2014 Orb 1031 Z08.48


Italy,  IW2AGJEnrico Gobbetti , 19 September 2014  137.1  72K


Guildford, UKSimon Kennedy (g0fcu), 20 September 2014  137.1  72K, more


Brasil, Roland PY4ZBZ20 September 2014  137.1  72K

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-21-11-3-20-597_122

Moscow, ROSCOSMOS, 21 September 2014  137.1  72K


Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-22-10-43-32-160_111  Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-22-10-43-32-160_111_artefact

Moscow, ROSCOSMOS, 22 September 2014  137.1  72K


Brasil, Roland PY4ZBZ22 September 2014  137.1  72K  more

23 September 2014  137.1  72K  Happysat and G0FCU

Vlad writes:

The spectrum of Meteor was recorded yersteday (23.09) during a 71 degree pass from Romania.
As you can observe, it appears that in the first part of the pass, the satellite is transmitting fill CADUs. After that nothing (possible only the carrier ????). Only on the second part of the pass, the LRPT is working properly.


24 September 2014  137.1  72K

Morning — FCP (BIS-MW) hangs … testers engaged mazahizm to understand why hangs FCP.

Метеор-М №2_LRPT_2014-9-24-10-3-55-35_raw.s_156

Moscow, ROSCOSMOS, 24 September 2014  137.1  72K


JA6UAR , 25 September 2014  137.1  72K


Sydney NSW Australia, Matt(VK2DAG), 26 September 2014  137.1  72K

Note between «09/26/2014 19:47 UTC» and «9/27/2014 6:05 UTC» revealed a new defect LRPT. Alex first reported defect so there is a proposal to call this a defect in his honor «Happysat».

Alex(Happysat) writes:

Hello, anyone else get little horizontal white dots in the images from today, esspecially arround the cloudy area’s?

Pass from Netherlands 27 Sep 2014 74 East 11:24 UTC +2:


If someone has information about the presence or absence of the HappySat defect within the above time period, please provide a comment.

Meteor M-N2 27 Sept 2014 Orb 1145 Z0930_646

Italy, Enrico Gobbetti, 27 September 2014  137.1  72K



Moscow, marquis,  UTC 6:51 28 September 2014  137.1  72K


29 September 2014


30 September 2014,   Vlad writes:

3 beautifull IR images received today, from Romania (with MEL 23 degree, 52 degree and 9 degree). Please pay attention to the last image, wich was taken over the Atlantic region. Could someone tell me what is that bright white “object”???



In the evening the Happysat defect is gone!


Moscow, ROSCOSMOS, 30 September 2014  137.1  72K


Meteor_30.09.2014Maastricht Netherlands, Alex(Happysat), 30 September 2014  137.1  72K (QFH no pre amp)


Moscow, marquis,  UTC 6:51 30 September 2014  137.1  72K  more

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September’s Gallery: 12 комментариев

    1. Автор записи

      Yes, on the picture actually portugal/spain. Italy is a place where there was a radio with which the picture is obtained.

  1. Vlad

    Hello guys..
    Just wanted to ask you if you know why the satellite M2 is not transmitting images anymore.
    Today during a 28 degree pass (from Romania) I was not able to decode images using Oleg’s software.
    Even though I had a very nice constellation on 72K mode , the RF spectrum of M2 didnt look right at all…
    Please see the attached pictures:
    Any information is more than welcome…


  2. Raydel, CM2ESP

    Here is all my received data from Meteor-M N2.

    It includes original BMP images, JPEG compressed versions as well as original digital soft-decision symbols (.S) to feed Oleg’s decoder.

    I will try to upload data in a regular schedule every day. Mostly night-time passes during working days and both day and night passes during weekends.

    Weekends passes shall be uploaded on Mondays.

    I want to send a big thank you to Oleg for his decoder and for help in the publishing of my quick PDF guide, also to Martin Blaho for his original version of the GNU-Radio script. And of course to everyone who has take the time to read my guide and replicate it to take this info to the whole world and get more people excited about this new satellite and its imagery!!!

    Raydel, CM2ESP
    EL83sc, Havana, Cuba.

  3. Sergio

    Greetings! I am new to all this and i am trying to learn how to download NOAA images. Came across your site and noticed something funny…

    Moscow(left) and Italy(right) by Enrico Gobbetti, 1 September 2014 12:39 (UTC+3h) 137.1 72K

    The image on the right is not Italia, it is Spain and Portugal.

    See there’s a little piece of land close to a big chunk of land on the bottom? That in the bottom is Africa. Italia doesn’t have any big land close to it’s southern coast. However, That straight I mentioned is where africans cross to Catalunya (part of Spain but they are trying to become their own country)

    Hope I don’t sound like an ass… just pointing it out for you.

    Thank you for all the good information you got here!

    1. Автор записи

      I do not think that there is collusion between Moscow and Italy to seize Europe and Africa. Italy and Moscow are the places where there was a radio with which the picture is obtained. I’ll look and I will correct the most ridiculous places.

  4. VK2DAG Matt

    Finally was about when there was a daylight pass! 26SEP14 @ 22:20 80km north of Sydney NSW Australia.

    Looks like only the visible and longer wavelength detectors are active. Or maybe I still need to learn to drive the software better….

    Rx is a RTL-SDR, antenna is QFH & discone with pre-amp. RTL-SDR needs a better antenna!


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