Luis (EA1AXY)
Hiroshi Yamazaki (JR7HOV)

Mahesh Vatkar (VU2IIA )

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  1. Raydel, CM2ESP

    Thanks for sharing my tutorial Oleg, and thank you also to many others who have share their methods.

    By the way the link posted to version two of my PDF guide is not working, but you can manually copy and correct it and later paste it into your web browser.


  2. Les Hamilton

    New version of SmoothMeteor software
    Following a suggestion from Happysat, version 1.20 of SmoothMeteor has a new button that will allow you to invert the greyscale of infrared images. This means that clouds now appear white and land and sea appear in darker shades of grey.

  3. Les Hamilton

    Version 1.37 of Smooth Meteor includes new options for processing Meteor RGB125 images by application of palettes. These take full advantage of the fact that such images contain 3 channels of satellite imagery, and allow user to apply apply user-defined Colour LUT files to obtain more realistic colouring.

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